Martin Luther Sinner or Saint?

Clara Richards


Martin Luther went against a lot of beliefs that people had and a lot of rules that went along with those beliefs. He questioned the traditions of the church. By posting the 95 Theses on the door of the church it showed how he disagreed with the church. Luther wanted to make his mark on the people of the church and nobody expected anything. He began to write books dissing the church and their customs. They were banned from the people but that didn't stop his opinions from spreading. Many people thought


Martin Luther taught people the truth behind the church and to some people it was bad but others thought of him as "The Father of the Reformation." Before Luther people thought that the only way to reach god was through the priests and the churches themselves but he taught that each person has the right to reach god individually. He also gave people the idea that salvation is available to all people through acts of grace not by sacraments.
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This is a picture of Martin Luther when he is rebelling against the authority of the catholic church