Robotics Engineer

What exactly do they do?

A robotics engineer can design and give robots an Artificial intelligence which enhances the robots skills. One cool fact about a Robotics engineer is that they can build robots to travel where humans cannot travel like Mars!!

Education Requirements and skills/personalitys needed for this job

For this job you need to have at least a Bachelors degree in engineering and an electronics, mechanical or industrial engineering degree. You need to have excellent problem solving skills and good written and oral skills. For this job you need to have good teamwork skills and a open and creative mind.

Annual Salary and projected job growth

The annual salary for a robotics engineer is 90,580 dollars a year! The projected job growth in this field is 3 to 6 percent.

Where you can go to work

Companies hiring robotics engineers are Jet propulsion laboratories, John Deere and Genral Motors.

Benifit to society

We increase the manufacturing capacity so you can make more things in less time