Also known as a tomato.


Did you know that seeds can survive over the winter

And many many years. And they come in all shapes and

Sizes and can be covered in shells,fruits or cones.

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The seed detects the pull of gravity and responds by sending its roots clown (with gravity)

And it's shoot up (against gravity).

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Root is the part of the plant that arrows out of seed first. As the baby plant grows,the outer hard shell of the seed becomes soft and roots emerge from the seed. It takes up water and minerals from the ground 1.


The plant try's to lean to the sun so the sun can get in the

Leaves and carbon dioxide so then it comes out of

The plant and creates it into oxygen and then it goes to the

Trees and it creates more oxygen so we all can breath.

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Tomato life cycle

First the tomato is already grown so he has seeds in him so those fall out and the roots starts comeing and the the leaves. And then the tomato starts to come and then it will die and the seeds will fall out and make a new one and start over again