Together We Shine With Excellence

**Week of December 2**

Plan For These Upcoming Dates!

12/4 - 4th Grde BMX Field Trip

12/5 - PTO On The Patio Meeting @ 7pm RSVP @ PTO website (link below)

12/6 - PTO Pay to Play - Holiday/Winter Hats

12/9 - 12/13 SWE Holiday Market Opens - Students visit during library times (schedule below)

12/9 - 10 Days of December Dress Up Begins - Optional fun!

12/12 - Choir Winter Performance @ 6:00. Students arrive at 5:45 wearing holiday/winter shirt or sweater with jeans or skirt.

12/13 - Star Students of the Month celebrated

12/17 - 3rd Grade Music Performance - 6:30 pm -Students arrive at 6:15

12/18 - Day of Drumming - Sponsored by SWE PTO

12/19 - Winter Wonderland activities at SWE

12/20 - Winter Parties - 10:30- 11:30am (PTO set-up @ 10am)


12/23 - 1/7/2020 :Winter Break: Enjoy the holidays!!

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Please Help Get Our Students To Class On Time!

Just a reminder that class starts at 7:55!! Breakfast is served until 8:00.

Please help us maximize your child's instructional time. Being even 10 minutes late daily adds up to an instructional loss of 50 minutes weekly and 200 minutes monthly! Every minute counts!

Thank you for your support!!

Reading is Our Superpower Reading Program

Reading Is Our Super Power!

At SWE, we are all Superheros and…...


By showing that READING IS THEIR SUPERPOWER, students can earn stars to give their class a chance to win FREE BOOKS for their classroom library! Each class has their own superhero cape at the end of each grade level hallway.

As students read the allotted books and share with their teacher, they will earn a star to hang on their class cape. The more stars on your cape, the greater your chances to win free books!

How do students earn stars?

Students K-2 will read 10 books to earn a star (class read alouds, parent read alouds and independent reading counts!)

Students 3-5 will read 5 books (4 chapter books and one free choice)


‘Superhero Star Decorating Parties’ : Students who have earned a star will be invited to a “Superhero Star Decorating Party” to color their star (and receive small prizes) during lunch. Stars will then be added to class capes.

Tentative dates are Dec 5th, Jan 30th and Feb 24th.

Any questions? Please contact Melissa Donnell, SWE Reading ALT(Coach) at melissa.donnell@humbleisd.net

The Ten Days of December...

'Twas 10 days before Winter Break and all through the school,

the dress code shall deviate a bit from the rule!

On December 9th, let's kick-off the season wearing holiday bling or comfy plaid, and imagine all the fun that will be had!

On December 10th, the holidays are here for you and for me. Wear your apparel that resembles a winter/holiday tree!

On December 11th, the best way to spread winter/holiday cheer is by singing loudly for all to hear… Come dressed and ready for your sELFie!

On December 12th, Put on your best winter/holiday hat, -Hip, Hip Hooray! Parade around on this festive day!

On December 13th, in honor of Rudolph and the other deer, wear antlers or animal print to show your cheer.

On December 16th, wear a top hat, buttons and a sprinkle of snow. Dress like Frosty and you will be good to go!

On December 17th, let's all dress the same to stroll down our winter/holiday lanes (halls). Wear your red and white clothes to look like candy canes!

On December 18th, to help the Grinch's small heart to grow 3 sizes today, wear green to honor him in your own special way.

On December 19th, happy feet (slippers) and happy seats (PJs), this is how we should meet.

On December 20th you’ve never looked better… especially since you will be wearing your “wackiest” winter/holiday sweater!

Get ready for some fun….

Follow the daily themes of this annual SWE tradition!

****PTO Information & News****

PTO Holiday Market @ SWE

Happy Holidays!

Next week the holiday market will be set up in the library. This is a chance for the students and staff to purchase gifts for their loved ones. The proceeds from this will go to help a few families this holiday season.

Envelopes and a schedules were sent home with the students this week. Students will shop during their scheduled library time (see attached schedule). Those who do not bring money will be able to read and checkout books. Students can shop with their parents in the mornings @ 7:30.am

Attached you will find the schedule and a list of products with pricing. Pricing does include the tax . Cash, Checks (payable to SWE PTO), or credit cards will be accepted.

Your Friendly Elf,

Peppermint McCheer

(aka Angela Lopez, PTO)


Humble ISD continually enhances proactive safety measures to keep children safe.

Anyone interested in volunteering in Humble ISD will be required to complete an application and undergo a criminal background check.

Go to humbleisd.net/volunteer to begin the application process.