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What is it?

A highly contagious disease spread through sexual activity including oral and anal sex. It is also passed through prolonged kissing or body contact

What are some of the symptoms?

There are visible symptoms in the form of sores but many of them are unnoticable in cases where it becomes tertiary there can be severe heart, brain, and nerves. This is the worst leading to paralysis, dementia, deafness, impotence and even death

Is it treatable?

Yes it is treatable. For those in the first stage it is treatable with one dose of penicillin or another antibiotic. For those in the later stages more than one dose may be required

Where can you get help?

Division of Disease Control

Caroline Johnson, MD, Director

500 South Broad Street

Philadelphia, PA 19146


215-545-8362 (fax)

Health Center 1

1400 Lombard Street

Philadelphia, PA 19146


Health Center 5

1920 North 20th Street

Philadelphia, PA 19121


How can you prevent this disease?

Abstinence, Barrier method(condom, etc.), Avoid intimate contact with someone who is infected