Miss Greck's Class

February Newsletter

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Community Building in Action

Busy Bees in Grade 3

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Basket Weaving in Peru

Skating Fun

Valentine's Celebration

We will be celebrating Valentine's together Friday February 12 in the afternoon. I have sent home a list of students in our class for Valentine's. Please let me know if you did not receive it. Feel free to send in snacks or treats for the afternoon. We have 24 students in our class and we would prefer Gluten Free snacks so we may all enjoy them.

Important Dates this Month:

February 12- Drumming

February 12- Valentine's Day Celebration

February 15- Family Day (no school)

February 16- PD Day (no school)

February 17- PD Day (no school)

February 18- Teacher's Convention (no school)

February 19- Teacher's Convention (no school)

February 24- Special Snack (for those that ordered)

February 25- 100th Day of School

February 29- Super Hero Kick off
Assembly 9:30am

March 2- Wii Bowling

March 3- Bucket Filling Magic Show 1pm

​March 4- PD Day (no school)
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Our Month at a Glance:

This month in math we will be continuing to work on our multiplication skills and deepen our understanding of numbers and place value. In Language Arts we will be using Dinosaurs as our guiding theme. We will be learning about various suffixes (ing, ly, ed). We will continue working on becoming good writers, by developing our writing, editing and typing skills. During this unit we will be writing a Research Report on Dinosaurs. In Science we will be wrapping up our Sound and Hearing Unit. This has been a great unit so far! We have made a variety of instruments and have learned that sounds are caused by vibrations! In Social Studies we have been learning about Tunisia, India, Peru and Ukraine! We will continue to investigate each country and communities within them.
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