Intolerable Acts

Fair Justice equals Proper Government

Boston Port Bill

The Boston Port Bill was an Act passed by the British government as proper justice for the appalling display of rebellion known as the Boston Tea Party. With the economy of Great Britain already under strife, what those colonists did only furthered damaged it, and themselves. How can our mother country full-heartedly support all the colonies, when she's too busy fixing the wounds we have self-inflicted? The act declared the Boston Harbor temporarily out of service, until the debt of the tea tossed overboard could be repaid. Britain did not destroy, did not restrict any of our rights, she simply post-poned use of the harbor until she has acquired what is due. So tell me, how may one consider that cruel?

Quartering Act

The Quartering Act was established to allow the British troops to take shelter in homes and Inns under the supervision of Thomas Gage, the governor. The reasoning behind some colonists views of this act astounds me. Yes, British troops are staying in the colonies. Yes, Britain is asking us, as colonists, to provide a roof over their heads. Yes, they are requesting we do what any decent, morally ethic human being would do! What is so criminal about wanting to provide shelter for every man and woman, different or alike?

Administration of Justice Act

As Britain protects her colonists, she must also protect her own citizens as well. The Administration of Justice Act authorized that all british officials on trial for a capitol crime were granted a change in location from the colonies back to Great Britain. This is to ensure a completely whole-some, non biased environment for a jury trial. In the past many of the colonist have demonstrated slanted behavior towards british officials in the court. The Administration of Justice Act does absolutely no harm to any of the colonists, nor does it affect their daily lives what so ever. Then why, might I ask, is there so much ruckus?

Massachusetts Government Act

Part of protecting and caring for the thirteen colonies is monitoring the stability and success of their government. The Massachusetts Government Act simply stated that town meetings must first be planned with the governor. This ensured organized and productive meeting of the colonies and the rate of governmental success to rise. This act will prevent any confusions by clarifying dates and cause of meeting, and prevent any out-of-the-blue complications by planning the meeting. How can this be considered heartless, when Britain is nurturing the colonies, and promoting governmental success?

Quebec Act

As all the attributes of a loving mother, discipline must be one of them. The Quebec Act was a precautionary measure to prevent any outbursts from the french-canadians. In hopes that the french-canadians would not be infected by some colonies seditious behavior, Britain designated the western region north of the Ohio River part of Quebec. To be fully successful in raising the colonies, Britain must maintain an orderly, sound environment for America to flourish to its full potential. Thus, the Quebec Act was a reasonable decision to proceed with Britain's colonial sucess.