Junior Panthers

Norfolk Junior High

By Juan Nava

Spider Climbs Niagara Falls

On July 16, 2014, Bob the Spider attempted to climb Niagara Falls. It took him a total of five hours to climb it, but he finally did it. The spider almost accomplished it in two hours, but was washed down by the harsh waves. The spider did not give up after he was washed down, he took a five minute rest and re-attempted. When the spider finally accomplished, we interviewed the spider, and he said his inspiration was, “I did not want to be like George, the spider who went up the waterspout, I wanted to be much greater.” Bob the Spider, has a world record as the first spider to climb any waterfall. Along with the world record, he was given a giant pig that he could eat and live off, probably for the rest of his life.

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Ebola Patient Thomas Aric Duncan

Forty-two-year-old Liberian citizen, Thomas Eric Duncan, found out he had Ebola, after leaving West Africa. He departed West Africa on September 19, 2014. Duncan was screened for Ebola before getting on his plane. He started seeking help after 10 pm Thursday, September 25th, after he knew he had Ebola, and symptoms started showing up. The symptoms of Ebola starting appearing less than a week after his trip. The airline was trying to reach out to the people who were also on that plane, and warn them that Thomas had Ebola, and there was a possibility that they could have it. After being asked by a nurse, he finally said that he had came Africa days earlier. The New York Times said Thursday that Duncan had direct contact with a pregnant woman struck with Ebola on September 15th, days before he left for the United states. His date of death was October 8th.

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Frozen Movie Review

One sister, Anna, tries to help her sister overcome her fear of hurting people with her ice powers. She travels up a mountain accompanied by Kristoff, a reindeer, and a snowman. Going through troubling adventures, she journeys to find her sister, she is determined. Running from dangerous creatures and wildlife; they risk their lives. They meet some villains along the way trying to stop them in their path. They must save their kingdom from freezing up.
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Disney's Frozen Official Trailer
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Autobiography of Juan Nava

Juan Nava was recognized as a famous YouTuber. He attended Norfolk High and didn’t do much in high school. He attended Wayne State where he earned a Bachelor’s degree in teaching. He is one of the most subscribed people on YouTube. He posts gaming videos and challenges. He is married to Ariana Grande and has one child. He loves to travel around the world and visit many places. He loves to be on Reality TV. He has written his own book to inspire other people to pursue their own dreams. He is a very successful person and makes lots of money a year.