leaders of the Middle Ages

Nicholas Ward

Biographical Information for Willam the Conqueror

His name was William the Conqueror and was Born in 1028 A.D. He had lived in London, England and his personality was tough, brave, and religious.

Memorable Moments

He was involved in the Battle of Hastings in 1066. He build great castles throughout his reign. An interesting quote he had said was "Look I have already grasped my Kingdom."


William the Conqueror is important because he had really put a great deal of effort into defeating the Vikings. He had also developed England's Feudal System so that Kings had supreme power. It also took him ten months to win the Battle of Hastings.

Bigraphical Info about King John

His name was King John and he was born in 1167 AD. He lived in England and was extremely violent in nature.

Memorable Moments

He was the signer of the Magna Carta in 1215 AD. He also tried to kill his father so he could seize control of the throne. It is because he signed the Magna Carta he had to obey the laws just as his subjects.


Since he signed the Magna Carta every King or Queen that rules England has to obey his or her own laws.

Biographical Info about Joan of Arc

Her name was Joan of Arc and she was born in 1412 AD. She lived in France and her personality was saint like.

Memorable Moments

She led the French solders to victory over the English at the Battle of Orleans. She also helped Charles VII become King of France during the 100 Year War. She also known as the "Maid of Orleans."


She was a very religious women and was viewed as a Saint by the French nation. She also burned at the stake by the British because she was the leader of the French army and she also wore clothing that the English said only men could wear. By her actions it made her into a Saint and her army continued to fight the battle.

A little bit about us!

There have been many great leaders during the Middle Ages but these three were the most influential during the time of the struggles as well as today.