Learning, sharing and reaching out to others during April!

New Month - New Growth

May is a great month to get out there and share classes and oils. Everyone is still in their "regular" schedule of the school year. Once summer hits it can be more of a challenge to get some classes formed. So lets plan those classes and get the word out. There are people just waiting for the info we have, that may help them find healthy answers.
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Who is Going to Convention Sept 9-12, 2015?

Did you want to go but were unable to buy a ticket? Be watching for people wanting to sell their convention tickets for whatever reason on our FB group pages. Please let the person who enrolled you or your team leader or myself know if you are wanting to go and need help in working through the process of all the details. There are a LOT of people at convention, but it is so inspiring and educational that if you want to know more about the leaders, doTERRA products or the business it is a great place to be.

My family is going early, hoping to arrive in Salt Lake City on Sunday Sept 6th as there are some great pre-convention workshops and classes that are very beneficial which start prior to convention. Have questions... don't be afraid to ASK!!

TOP Enrollers for April - (Clapping)

2 Mariah Bebeau

2 Brittany Meza

1 Gail Skarloken

1 Anita Starkey

1 Pam McCormick

1 Tracy Newman

1 Alina Driessen

1 Johnna Stewart

1 Petronella Driessen

1 Maria Llanes

What a blessing and gift you have shared! Thank you for being willing to step out and share and then to take the time to be there to educate and support these new people you care about. Proud of each one of you! Sending a container of Healaman Honey 10 Stix each (Seasonal Blend - Montana Honey with Lemon, Lavender and Peppermint EO OR Citrus Melody - Montana Honey with Wild Orange, Lemon, Grapefruit, Mandarin, Bergamont, Tangerine, Clementine, plus vanilla EO's) to our tied 2 Top Enrollers Mariah and Brittany! Enjoy and thank you for sharing with others. Mariah and Brittany, please contact me via text or email for confirmation of mailing address then I will send your packages out!!

Top enroller with 3 or more enrollments for MAY will get - a Black doTERRA Sample Oil Case.

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New RANK Advancements - Congratulations!!!

Executives - (2,000 OV): Sarah Perez & Clint Black

Directors - (1,000 OV): Gail Skarloken & Becky Zortman

Managers - (500 OV): Anita Starkey & Keylla Rivera

It is so exciting to rank advance at EVERY Single Rank! I loved looking at my doTERRA Compensation Plan to see what my next rank goal was. Remember for those reaching for Elite that our great up line leaders Patrick and Allyse Sedivy double Presidential Diamonds like to reward those reaching this level (because it is a lot of hard work without a whole lot of visual rewards...yet, but don't give up!). Once you reach Elite watch for an invitation to Elite Retreat that happens in Utah. It is well worth the work with great teaching and lots of fun!! Reaching Elite is a great and obtainable goal (with work and perseverance)!

An important KEY to reaching Elite: Share, F/U and then teach and train those you have enrolled. Any questions, ask the person that enrolled you!

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dōTERRA University

Want to learn, need answers? doTERRA just updated this great learning resource. There is no certificate to be earned, but if you go through each section, reading and learning all that this site offers, then post it on our team FB Group Page you will earn an oil or tool. Prizes will vary.

Not part of our FB Group Page? "Friend" the person who enrolled you or myself so we can add you! To find me on FB look for Donna Wiggins Stafford (I have a picture of my two youngest children inset into Montana scenery of lake and mountains).

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the Essential Oils Revolution

Millions of people are regaining control of their health with Essential Oils

Learn how (and why) at The Essential Oils Revolution!

A Life-Transforming Online Event! It is FREE and coming coming May 11- 18, 2015. To register please connect with this link and sign up to learn and grow. Invite friends and downline to watch with you. This will be a great learning opportunity!! Share what you learned and found especially useful! We are all learning and wanting to learn more!

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Join EO Movement

Use these great tools our up line has provided for our benefit. I have posted a few of Makay's Mentoring Moments to whet your appetite.

To easily access Makay's Mentoring recordings, click on "courses"
Makays Mentoring Moment: Week 4