Elementary ITF Update

What's happening???

Happy Thursday! Our last week of ten hour days is finally coming to an end. It has been another busy week. Where does the time go? Here's the latest to catch you up!


On August 4th we will be back to five days and regular hours (8 to 3:30). Dress code will be back to normal as Regina stated in her email earlier in the week. No more relaxed summer dress attire.

Hiring Update

The interviews are over! We finished up on Tuesday. I am very glad to announce that our Elementary ITF group is growing. Along with Bill and Natalie joining the team, we will be welcoming Michael Boyce, Erika Teague and Ashley Wasson. Michael joins us from Marvin Ridge, Erika from Kensington and Ashley from Monroe.

On the secondary side, they will be welcoming Ashley Ponscheck from Porter Ridge Middle. They have one outstanding offer out there and are waiting on an acceptance.

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Tentative Schedule

The above is a snapshot of a tentative schedule for the next couple of weeks. On Monday we will discuss locations and setting up appointments to visit with principals and schools. You will notice that on Wednesday and Thursday the Middle School Expo will be going on. Amanda and Bill are presenting and it will be a great opportunity to support them and offer some extra hands to our secondary folks.

Classrooms of the Future

Sharewall is still being installed this week at several locations. Microscopes and 3D Printers have come in. Brady and Joey have enjoyed exploring the possibilities of what these printers can do. As you can see below, we all got engrossed in watching them print a "Darth Vadar" head with Scott's name on it. It went on and on and on....

Can you find Joey???? I promise he is really there somewhere...

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And so it goes....

Enjoy your last few days off for the summer. It's hard to believe that a new school year is upon us. I look forward to seeing everyone on Monday morning.
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