What Do Forensic Scientists Do?

What Does A Forensic Scientist Do?

A forensic scientist is a scientist who analyzes biological, chemical, or physical samples taken into evidence during a criminal investigation. It's their work to provide the proof the police need to bring the case to court.
Also Forensic scientists examine contact trace materials associated with crimes in order to provide evidence for criminal investigations. The work is usually dealt with under three sections: biology, chemistry and drugs/toxicology.

They can use parts of the victim's body, usually the bones, to identify: the cause of death; the gender, ethnicity, age, height of the victim; and, how long the victim has been dead.

The clothes that forensic scientist wear is a plastic white suit and a plastic white shoes which like a shopping bag.


What Types of forensic scientists are there?

There is a wide range of areas in which forensic scientists work. There are forensic scientists who are employed in labs that are part of a law enforcement agency, who have degrees in some scientific field (e.g. biology, chemistry). An individual may study chemistry in university, and then get a job in a police lab to process evidence related to his or her area of expertise. However, as scientific evidence becomes more complex and as the public's understanding of science increases, it is more important than ever that expert witnesses in court be qualified not only in their specific field, but also in the forensic field.

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