Amplifying Your EOY Test Prep

Tips from @perkyPLEF

Getting tired?

While we're trucking along into the final leg of the year, it's easy to feel like that pup: unequivocally, undeniably tired. Your energy is waning, and you're just not sure how much you've got in you -- all you can think about is finishing up. And that's understandable -- teaching (and planning and meeting and grading and everything else that comes with it) is physically tiring and mentally taxing!


However, now is the time to pour even more of what you've got into your class! You're almost there. It's nearly game day. Your kids are getting geared up for their finals... so GET EXCITED! Your enthusiasm, excitement, and commitment will rub off on your students -- and with their finals approaching, they definitely need that kind of support! Your students, just like you, are getting tired, so help them keep some of that pep in their step!

trying to make it more exciting?

Follows are a couple of tech tools and tablet tidbits that might make class a little more exciting for your students as you start into your End-of-Year review.


Socrative has some great options on it that you might like to use! Teachers can create quizzes for students to take in class, initiate quick questions (MC, T/F, or short answer), start a competitive "space race" game in class with teams, and collect exit tickets. Students don't need an account at all, just access to the web through their tablet or some other device. As a teacher, you can see live results -- and even project the progression of the space race on the board!


For all of you social studies teachers out there, this might just tickle your fancy. HSTRY.CO allows you to create classes, and assign timelines for students to review -- for free. Now, I know timeline review doesn't sound super thrilling for many, but you can really make these timelines engaging. Teachers are able to embed video, audio, and image into their timeline as well as multiple choice questions to help students check for their understanding.

Need help with any of these?

These tools are great for teachers who are just starting out with things (or maybe haven't touched them before!) or how have been Kahoot!ing all year. If you need any help with these items, please let me know! I will be glad to come help you get the ball rolling if you haven't used them before... or I'll come help you amp up your usage and keep it going!


Here's your PLEF, integrating tech left and right to help create a more engaging classroom for kids. This weekend, you'll find him at the GCS Global Ed Conference, talking more about tech integration. If you haven't guessed, he likes tech. nology. Technology.