By Laken

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Welcome to Tennessee!

Tennessee is a good place to visit with your friends and family. There are many fun things to do and see. There are many crafts, festivals, sports to see and many more. You could even go and see the state capital!
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Tennessee has only three sports. The three are the Tennessee Titans (NFL), Nashville (NHL) and the Memphis Grizzlies (NBA). The Tennessee Titans are the football team in Tennessee. The Memphis Grizzlies are their basketball team and last but not least is the Nashville hockey team.

Things That You Could See Regular In Tennessee

Some things in the state of Tennessee hang around. The main tree that you could see a lot if you were to go to Tennessee is a Tulip Popular. It is none for its beautiful tulips that grow each year in the summer. There is two other things that you can find in the state Tennessee the Mocking Bird and the flower which is a Iris. The state's animal is a raccoon. You don't want to mess with them because they could hiss and bite you.
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Land Forms

Tennessee's land has many land forms. There are many rivers and streams in Tennessee. The main rivers and streams are the Tennessee river and the Mississippi river. The main mountain is the great smoky mountain. Since there is a mountain that means there will be a valley. The valleys are deep when they are big and when the mountains are small they are not as big. In Tennessee there are many water falls like this is one. We also have many farm land that they grow crops on. The Mississippi river travels through many state's and one is mine. Another river is the Tennessee river that is named like the state. It has all four seasons Winter, summer,fall and spring.
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The first people to enter Tennessee was people named Mound Builders. The second people that came were in the tribe called the Yuchi tribe. It became a state on June 1,1796. It was then the 16th state of America. The nickname (The Volunteer state) from the pioneers helping out each other and other people that started to live there. The name Tennessee came from a name in a Cherokee village. It was called Tanasi which is like the name Tennessee.
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There are many Jobs you can do in the state Tennessee. If you would want to work at a farm you would be growing crops and the crops you would be growing are Soybeans, Tobacco,Corn, Cotton and Weat. The Industry includes machinery, chemicals, food products and electronic equipment. Natural Resources that we use in are state is water, rocks like gold and silver, farming plants and animals. Some of the things from the farms in Tennessee like cotton are used for other things like the soldiers in world war one or cows.
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Famous People

There are some pretty famous people in Tennessee. Elvis Presley is one and he was and still is in songs and other things like that. He was famous for his rock and roll bands. Morgan Freeman and Dolly Parton are alike because they both were winning actresses in the state Tennessee. Blake is also one because he is as big country fan and is good at singing country. He is a judge in the voice on T.V.