2.09 Steps of The Selling Process

By: Lathen Ellwanger

1. Approach Customer

The First encounter with a potential customer.

2. Determine Needs

The process of observing, listening, questioning, and engaging the customer to find their reasons for buying as early as possible.

3. Present The Product

Telling and showing the customer what the product does. Try including them in a demonstration.

4. Overcome Objections

An objection is a legitimate reason, doubt, or hesitation for not buying. You can overcome these objections through substitution, tossing the objection back as a selling point, and questioning to learn more about the objection.

5. Close The Sale

Closing is obtaining an agreement to buy. You must be looking for buying signals and be ready to close at all times.

6. Suggestion Selling

Selling additional goods to enhance the original purchase. After a customer makes a commitment to buy you should make recommendations, they should only be relevant and helpful.

7. Build Relationships

You can build relationships by following up a sale, customer service, keeping a client file, and evaluating sales efforts to ensure customer satisfaction.