April 21, 2016

From My Cluttered Desk!

Yes, my desk is cluttered and it seems to becoming more so as we get down to the end of the year! We are down to the last 4 full weeks of school and the last week of April. It does not seem like there is enough time left to get everything done, but I know we will get there!

ISTEP- Week Two

The 8th grade has finished and the 6th and 7th grade begin! I have attached the schedule for next week below. Please make sure the front desk knows your updated schedules when you are involved in activities outside of testing.

This Week

4/26-4/29 - 6/7 ISTEP testing

Shout Out!

I want to give a big shout out to All the staff for their efforts in getting us through ISTEP testing and the flexibility in working with altered schedules. I know it is a pain, but I appreciate the work you do to make everything run as smoothly as possible!