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School Arrival 7:45-7:55

Dear Families,

We are enjoying each morning welcoming children and families to the start of each day. Thank you to those who are on time for the start of each day. Arriving at or around 7:45 allows for a smoother car departure from the drop off line and the on-time arrival of children in their classrooms.

Each classroom begins the day with rituals that assist children when easing into their school day. Being on-time for school is an important part to the smooth beginning of the day.

Thank you for your attention to this! I understand there has been traffic back up on Concord Road that has made some impact on our car departure from the Nixon Campus.


Susan Woods


Food Pantry Fabulous!

Thank you for contributing to the Food Pantry this week. What a beautiful way to share CARE for our Sudbury.

Important Dates


4/30/21 Food Pantry Collection

3:00-5:00 Remote Student Materials Pick Up


5/3/21-5/7/21 National Appreciation Week

5/5/21 11:45 Early Release Day

5/7/21 Nixon Spirit Day - Crazy Hat Day

3:00-5:00 Remote Student Materials Pick Up

5/10/21-5/14/21 Virtual Spring Book Fair Week

5/10/21 Grade 5 MCAS - ELA

5/11/21 Grade 4 MCAS - ELA

5/12/21 11:45 Early Release Day

5/13/21 Grade 3 MCAS - ELA

5/14/21 Nixon Spirit Day - Aim High

3:00-5:00 Remote Student Materials Pick Up

5/17/21 Grade 5 MCAS - Math

5/18/21 Grade 4 MCAS - Math

5/19/21 11:45 Early Release Day

5/20/21 Grade 3 MCAS - Math

5/21/21 3:00-5:00 Remote Student Materials Pick Up

5/24/21 Grade 5 MCAS - Science

5/25/21 2:35-3:35 School Advisory Council (SAC) Meeting

5/26/21 Food Pantry Collection

11:45 Early Release Day

PTO Staff “The Grande Finale” Appreciation

12:30-1:00 Nixon Alumni Day

School Meeting Video Release

5/27/21 Food Pantry Collection

5/28/21 Food Pantry Collection

Nixon Spirit Day - Patriotic Day

3:00-5:00 Remote Student Materials Pick Up

5/31/21 No School - Memorial Day


6/2/21 11:45 Early Release Day

6/4/21 3:00-5:00 Remote Student Materials Pick Up

6/9/21 11:45 Early Release Day

6/11/21 3:00-5:00 Remote Student Materials Pick Up

6/16/21 11:45 Early Release Day

School Meeting Video Released

6/17/21 Nixon Spirit Day - Tropical Luau

4:00 Term 2 Report Cards Posted in Aspen

6/18/21 11:45 Early Release Day - Last Day of School

Class Placement 2021-2022

Dear Parents,

As we focus on the days left in this year, we are already planning for the next. Part of this planning is the formation of new classrooms for next year. We take great care in doing so and take into account several factors including teacher input, the need to create balanced classes with regard to number of students, students’ gender, academic, social, and emotional needs. Above all, creating classes that provide for the most effective instruction for all students is our top priority. We have found that when children are grouped appropriately, they have the greatest opportunity for success.

We have experienced success with our class makeups due in large part to the exceptional care our educators put into creating class groupings. The process we use is thoughtful and thorough, consisting of careful consideration of the whole child. Multiple meetings involving grade level teams, specialists, special educators, the mental health team and administrators result in classes we are confident will best support your child’s growth and development. It is our firm belief that each student will have his or her needs met regardless of the assigned teacher; all of our teachers are highly qualified professionals. In addition, although our teachers employ a range of styles, they teach under the same umbrella of shared core values, curriculum, and best instructional practices. It is not necessary, nor is it expected, that parents communicate regarding class placement.

Parents frequently acknowledge how well our teachers know their children. However, you may believe there is information that may be helpful for us to know in placing your child. To that end, if you would like to share input related to placement, please complete the accompanying “Nixon Class Placement Form” provided to you via Google Form. As part of the placement process, the placement team will review any information you share. If you choose to provide us information, please complete this form by MONDAY, MAY 3, 2021. Please also be aware that teachers, in the course of the placement process, will have access to parent input. If you do wish to provide input, we ask that you do so in the way described above. Requests for a specific teacher will not be accepted. You may indicate if one of your children has already had a specific teacher and you wish for the sibling to have a different experience. Similarly, given the complexity and multi-faceted nature of the class placement process, we cannot accept requests for friends to be placed together. Finally, please be aware that, for all the reasons described, changes to placement, once it is complete, are rarely, if ever, made.

Placement is a responsibility we take very seriously. We appreciate your support in our work as we begin this process.


Susan M. Woods


Big picture

Dear Nixon Families,
Please find below the specific schedule for the upcoming MCAS tests. These are the exact dates your children will be taking the exam. Please encourage your child to get sufficient rest the night before any tests, to eat breakfast, and to extend their best effort. Children should also be encouraged to bring a small water bottle to school; hydration is a key to concentration. It is imperative that all children be in school during testing. Please try to avoid any appointments or trips that will prevent your child from attending school. As of the drafting of this letter, we have not received guidance from the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education in how we will test remote students. More information will be forthcoming.

Information on the 2021 MCAS test requirements can be found here.

Grade 3 MCAS ELA

May 13th

Grade 3 MCAS Math

May 20th

Grade 4 MCAS ELA

May 11th

Grade 4 MCAS Math

May 18th

Grade 5 MCAS ELA

May 10th

Grade 5 MCAS Math

May 17th

Grade 5 MCAS Science

May 24th

Thank you in advance for your support and encouragement during the testing.


Beth Murray
Assistant Principal
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A Note About Nixon Coffee Talks - Paused

Nixon Coffee Talks will be paused as attendance is low.
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