Project Loon

What is it?

What is Project Loon?

Project Loon is the idea to create a high altitude network that floats up about 20 kilometer, their potential is for it to give internet for the entire world.

How Loon Moves?

It moves because the wind moves in different direction as the wind blows the ballon moves and by moving up it can change directions.

How Loon Connects?

One Ballon leaves another ballon and it takes place, the ballons communicate by antennas on the ground.

Where is Loon Going?

They can now control it, but the problem is in the stratospheres the wind mostly flows from eats to west because thats how the wind generally moves so if the ballon moves half around the earth it will eventually, they will reach south Africa and south America

Watch The Video For More Information.

Project Loon: The Technology