The Knight

Equidor's 3 brothers were imfamous for their shady reputations. When Equidor became a knight his brothers felt that he felt like he was better than them. His brothers are now known as the Riders. Equidor was a good Knight turned dark. He has been charged with 4 accounts of rape and 2 of murder. He has yet to be sentenced because judges are scared to trial him because the last two judges wifes were found missing. One of the judges daughters claim to has been raped by the Knight.

gold digger boys

the 3 brothers are still up to they sneaky ways .they was walking in the woods and fell in a hole and landed beside 3 bushes that had pots of gold behind them. bob took his share of gold and went and buyed some drinks for him and the guys.when he showed up with the drinks his 2 brothers attack him and stabbed him in the back and left him for dead and took the rest of the gold but then the other brother later attack the other brother to have the gold for himself and wasnt sucessful the other brother got up from the ground with a weapon in his hand but he didnt know the other brother had a pole .they both use there weapons and ended up fighting till they both was dead nobody got the gold.