Democratic Australia

what you need to be a nerd about democracy

The freedom of democracy

freedom is the ability to exercise choice: free will. Liberty is the right to exercise that freedom. It lets us act believe or express ourselves as we choose. Democracy is a form of goverment that let's us use our freedom and liberty to have a say in the laws of the country as well as who runs the country. We, the people, decide who the goverment will be.

What is democracy

A democracy is a form of goverment in which the people take part in governing. The world democracy originates from the greek language and means rule of the people.

Democracy in Australia

Australia is one of the best democracies in the world. Some of the strenghts include: The system of responsible goverment where ministers in charge of certain areas have to do elected members of parliament, Goverment is split into three areas-federal,state and local, Two houses of parliment which means that proposed laws are checked and refined, compulsory adult voting, any charges to the constitution can only bedone via a referendum, seperation of powers-the legal system is seperate to the goverment.