Mrs. Stoker's English 2 News

May 2016

What's New

Wow!! Only 3 weeks of school are left!

I cannot express fully in words how proud I am of my English II students (your children) and the progress they have made this year in their reading and writing skills. It was so rewarding to watch their growth throughout the year. It was also rewarding to see the effort they gave in preparing for the Missouri EOC assessment following Spring Break. To say that their hard work paid off is an understatement. Over 95% of my English II students scored Proficient or Advanced on the EOC, indicating that they achieved the state's definition of mastery of English II reading and writing skills.

Students who scored Proficient or Advanced on the English II EOC are exempt from taking the English II Final Exam. However, these students still need to attend class during the exam period and can use the quiet time to study for finals in non-EOC courses that need their attention. I have included a final exam schedule in the column below.

We have begun our last unit of the school year, focusing on social media. During this unit, we are exploring the advantages and disadvantages of teens being so connected in today's society, and we are analyzing different perspectives on the topic as presented in nonfiction articles and documentaries. I have included two video links below: one for an interview with the filmmaker of Terms and Conditions May Apply and one for a PBS documentary called Generation Like. I can tell by their analyses of these two films that my students' eyes were opened to what goes on "behind the curtain" of the Internet and who benefits from all their posts, likes, and pics. Key due dates for activities within the unit are posted in the column below.

On a final note, thank you for supporting your children in their studies this year and for supporting my efforts in the classroom. I've sincerely enjoyed getting to know each and every one of my students and their parents:)

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I hope you have found this newsletter to be informative. If you ever need to contact me to discuss anything, the best way to reach me immediately is by email at I will respond back via email, or I can call you if you'd like.

Also, I am always available to help a student before school from 6:30-7:00am and after school from 2:30-3:30pm any weekday except for Wednesday. I just ask students to book the time a day or two in advance to make sure I don't have some committee meeting that day.

Terms and Conditions May Apply Documentary with Cullen Hoback