Of Mice and Men

Shannon O'Connor, Haley Vitti, Dhvani Visaria

The setting of OMM

Of Mice and Men takes place during the great depression during the 1930s. The ranch setting in Of Mice and Men is a recreation of Steinbeck's grandfather Samuel Hamilton's ranch in King City, CA. The ranches in Salinas Valley are exactly like the ranch to which George and Lennie go for work. Steinbeck spent much of his youth at the Salinas ranches, working at the Slinas Valley ranches during breaks and absences from Stanford University. Steinbeck's familiarity with Salinas is why this setting is important.

Weed, CA

Weed, California is where the beginning of the story takes place. It is a lumbering town where work is sufficient. George and Lennie flee from this town to work on a ranch. Weed, CA is calm and tranquil. Like the calmness before a storm, this setting is a foreshadowing of what will come to be.

Soledad was chosen as a backdrop in Of Mice and Men because one of the major themes is loneliness. In Spanish, Soledad means solitude, which represents the reocurring theme in the novel.

The Bunkhouse

The major part of the story takes place on the ranch in Salinas, CA. The author describes the rough and dirty living conditions in the bunkhouse where the workers have to live. Steinbeck's description of the bunkhouse setting shows the reader how the characters had to live and what it was like.