World War I timeline

Reed Callegan


Triple Alliance in 1870

This was an alliance between Germany, Italy and Austria-Hungary to help protect each other. These 3 countries formed to be the great powers of the world.

The Assassination of Franz Ferdinand in 1908

The assassination of Franz Ferdinand was the biggest reason world war I started. He was leaving town trying to escape the Serbians but he was trapped and killed in his car.

Triple Entente known as the Allies

This alliance included Italy, Russia and France. These forces were to fights against the Central Powers.

Central Powers

This group contained Germany, Austria-Hungary, Bulgaria and the Ottoman Empire. They were to fight against the Allied Powers.
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May 7, 1915 - German U-boats sink the Lusitana

The sinking of the Lusitania was the beginning of the Americans taking a side in the war. The sinking of this ship didn't get the Americans to declare war but they started to support the Allied Powers.
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Zimmerman Telegram

Arthur Zimmerman from Germany sent Mexican a request. He wanted them to declare war on the United States. If Mexico was to do this, they would regain the United States took from them.

February 1, 1917

The Germans sunk 6 America ships. They gave Woodrow Wilson no choice but to declare war on Germany. America officially joined the World War.
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Espionage Act of 1917

This act gave the government the right to keep an eye on people that are suspicious of being Germans. The people that were Germans were arrested
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Women in the War

Women took many new jobs as the war went on. They had to take some of the men's jobs while they were fighting in the war. They were able to keep the food and war material supplies up during the war so the men wouldn't run out. This was a big turn in the war in which women help guide the men to victory.
World War One Trench Warfare

New Technologies

During the war, poison gas was used to kill the enemy. Armored tanks were used to go through enemy lines and defend against attacks. Zeppelins were used to drop bombs on the enemy. Airplanes started to have weapons built into them but the airplanes structure was too weak to defend against bullets.

War at Sea

Troops could travel in convoys which was a group of ships traveling together. The Allies would use destroyers to protect their land. This helped the Allies protect the Western front.

Russia leaves the war

Russia was having problems with their society. A revolution had started. Eventually, Vladimir Lenin started a communist government in Russia.

German's last Offensive March 21, 1918

The Germans sent their last massive attack against Paris. When the Germans were 40 miles away, the United States and French defense stopped the Germans from capturing Paris.
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Treaty of Versailles

This gave Germany many punishments. First they had to pay back all war debt to all the Allied Powers. They also had to give up some of their land for other countries. Last, they were going to be watched and couldn't try and start another war.