Experience 2

ICT for Learning through Inquiry in Teaching of Sec Chinese

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Learning in an ICT-enriched Environment (Lesson Demonstration)

Bendemeer Secondary School

In this ICT-based lesson, teachers guide students to discuss a given problem using SPEAL – Setting, People, Emotions, Actions, and Learning Outcomes. Using CoRT strategies and questions from Lynch and Wolcotts’ steps for better understanding, students are scaffolded to work collaboratively in solving the problem.

Learning Across Schools (Adaptation & Localisation of Practices)

Bukit View Secondary School

Teachers use cognitive scaffolds such as WRAITEC and CoRT strategies to help students understand a given passage. Thereafter, students collaborate to solve a problem based on the theme of the comprehension passage using the problem-solving workflow prescribed in ReACT.

Sembawang Secondary School

Teachers teach students to identify the elements that contribute to writing the logical plots of narrative essays. Students collaborate to identify and improve the illogical parts in a narrative essay scaffolded by CoRT strategies using the problem-solving workflow prescribed in ReACT.