Kindergarten Newsletter

October 5th - 9th

What We're Learning This Week:

Phonics: Review T, A, B, H, N, M, R, L, I, C, F, D, G, J, E, O, Q

Book: Pumpkin Jack by Will Hubbell

Reading Strategies: Visualizing the text, retelling the story, making a connection

Math: Groups of 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, and 10, introduction to addition and subtraction, number writing

Writing: Personal narratives, using the letters we know to write words, proper pencil grip, how to take care of our writing materials

Science: How do plants and trees grow?

Social Studies: Time

Religion: God made the animals

Social and Emotional Learning: Recognizing feelings: students learn to identify and demonstrate the physical signs of different emotions. Students discuss how various emotions look, sound, and feel, and then practice demonstrating and identifying different emotions.

Virtue: Building peace

Social Skills: Following directions and saying you are sorry


Monday, 10/5: Virtual Scholastic Book Fair begins!

Tuesday, 10/6:

Wednesday, 10/7: Picture makeup day

Thursday, 10/8:

Friday, 10/9: TK-2nd grade mass (students only, please - mass uniform required), 12:30 Dismissal