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October 29th-November 10th

Important dates:

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11/15- Early Release

11/22- No School- Happy Thanksgiving

11/23- No School- Happy Thanksgiving

11/24- No School- Happy Thanksgiving

12/1- School Spirit Day

12/6- Progress Reports available in ParentVue


In ELA, we started Unit 3 of Units of Study. We will be learning about types of literature. Students will have the opportunity to read fables and folktales from different cultures around the world. We will practice different strategies that good readers use to determine the central message, lesson, or moral in the story.

Students LOVED learning about fables this week. They have learned that fables should describe the setting of the story, be a short story, have animals or objects that talk and act like people, have dialogue, and teache a lesson.

Next week, we will shift gears over to Folktales. Folktales are longer, cultural stories that are passed down from generations. They can explain why things are the way they are. They also provide a moral or lesson.

Students will then have an opportunity to create their own book trailer through iMovie! They were able to practice iMovie in Learning Center with Miss Stefans; they were so inspired by the lesson! Soon, students will create a trailer for a fable, folktale, or fairytale and share it with you. We can't wait to see their creativity unfold!


We are finishing up Unit 2 with a review on money. They are doing really well with combining different coins together. We will be sending home an Unit 2 study guide on Monday. Please review the study guide with your child and please let us know if your child is struggling with any of the strategies.

Unit 3 will introduce geometry and measurement. They have been itching to get those little hands on those rulers! :-)

Thank you for your support of our new math curriculum!

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Social Studies

We are moving onto The Native American Unit in Social Studies. Your child will learn about the many first Native American groups and how they survived. We will be reading, researching, writing, and reenacting about the many adventures the Native Americans encountered.
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Book Order

Book orders are one of the best way to give back to our classroom! When you place a book order for your child, the teacher receives points to exchange for books, games, and other materials for the classroom. If you would like to place a book order, please click on the link below:

Thank you for your support of our classroom!

Scholastic Book Order

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Thank you so much for bringing in the accordion file folder for Writer's Workshop. It will definitely help to organize thoughts while the students learn to publish creative writing.