Hornet Buzz

December 9, 2014

How do I contact my student's teacher?

Or call the school and we will be sure to get back to you as soon as we can: 590-8500.


  • Thursday, December 11th - First Grade Music Program (7:00pm)
  • Friday, December 19th - December Reading Logs Due
  • December 20th - January 5 - Christmas Break



Tuesday (A)

Wednesday (M)

Thursday (T)

Friday (E)


This week's focus, we will continue with Unit 6:
  • Basewords with the suffix (s)
  • Making words plural by adding the suffix (s)

Trick Words

are, were

Word of the Week


Writers Workshop

This week, we will continue with our non-fiction writing unit: "How To," or Procedural Writing. During this unit, we will teach our audience how to do different things. We will focus on keeping our thoughts in sequence as we write by using the words: first, then, next, and finally. We will also work on adding detail and being very specific with our directions. As we write, we will focus on neat handwriting, uppercase letters the beginning of our sentences, punctuation and spacing.


This week, we will continue with our reading theme, "My Neighborhood." We will practice reading the story Shark In the Park. We will work on our retell and determining the important parts. Our decodable book will be "Jack and Nick Play." We will work on locating words with the short /i/ sound.


In science, our big idea will be:

  • Force and Motion

Social Studies

In social studies we will focus on:

  • Christmas Around the World


This week, we will continue Unit 4. Our focus will be to investigate timelines. We will practice making a number scroll up to 100 and beyond. And we will practice writing and solving "turn-around facts" and "double facts."



  • Monday: No Homework
  • Tuesday: page 99
  • Wednesday: page 101
  • Thursday: page 103
  • Friday: No Homework


  • 10 minutes each night
  • By the last day of the month, the students should have 15 books logged and turned in.