How to do a Dream Team Event


To build a successful and sustainable business you will want to share the Arbonne business model with other people and have people join your team.

Consider the quote by John D. Rockfeller: "I would rather earn 1% of 100 people's efforts than 100% of my own effort."

How to do a dream team

1. From your 100+ names list, identify those you would love to have on your Arbonne team.

  • Why did you think of them?
  • What characteristics do you see in them that would help them succeed?
  • What do they need or what is missing in their life that Arbonne could be the answer?

Set a date and time for a video chat with your sponsor and upline VP.

2. Invite your selected Dream Team and ask for an RSVP.

3. You will be able to share the recording with those not able to attend. This becomes your personal Discover Arbonne.

4. Log in 10-15 minutes early. As your guests start to arrive, introduce them to your RVP and share how you know them and one reason why you chose them to be on your Dream Team (what will make them successful). If there is time, the VP can ask your guest why they chose to join us this evening/what was appealing to them in the invitation.

5. Be prepared to share your story—who you were/are (background, profession) when you were introduced to Arbonne, what was your initial reaction, what were some of your needs/desires/challenges at that point in your life or now, why you decided to join and what you are enjoying now and see in your future.

(Coaching tip: Your goal in this is to show people WHY you are doing this...inspire them to think about why it may be a fit for them...not to provide all of the little details. Keep it simple, use powerful, emotional words, and SPECIFIC examples i.e., instead of I want to travel, say I am saving for a trip to Costa Rica; instead of opportunities for my kids, say my business pays for or will pay for hockey camp or extra gymnastic coaching; instead of pay debt or bills, say my business pays for or will pay for a mortgage payment or credit card bill or so that we can get a new car)

Dream Team Video Chat Format:

1. Your sponsor welcomes everyone and briefly shares her story and how she knows you, her excitement for working with you and meeting your friends.

2. You share your story.

3. NVP/RVP Presentation—Example:

Thank you for joining us tonight. One of the benefits of this business is that it brings together amazing people, so please feel complimented that _______ chose you as her Dream Team and she sees greatness and the potential to succeed in each one of you. Arbonne attracts great people who are looking for a better life, people from all age groups and backgrounds.

NVP/RVP shares her background briefly, including her title (“which may not mean a lot to you, but hopefully by the end of this you will understand what this opportunity can provide for you as well”.)

If money is a constant source of stress for you, it doesn’t have to be. Would even $500 a month make a difference? We can show you how to add extra income to your life, relieve stress, give you opportunities for leveraging and other wealth building options. Another source of stress is time. Do you ever just wish you could have a few more hours in a day? Leveraging is a way you can buy back time and since this business can be worked in the nooks and crannies of your life, you can fit your work to your life. In fact, almost everyone works their Arbonne business alongside their main source of income until it reaches or exceeds that income. There are also those who have a dream or passion like music, theater, art, etc. and their Arbonne income allows them to pursue something they love.

Would you like to do something that makes a difference while you build your dream instead of your employer’s dream? When you know your work counts, you have a passion that drives you. It’s evident we are in a health crisis and where there are problems, there are opportunities. We are the #1 company for healthy living inside and out with pure, safe, beneficial products shared through social marketing.

You may be wondering, “What is social marketing?” Here’s a quick example—Your sister just saw a movie and says, “I just saw the best movie, you have to see it!” What do you do? You go see it. Or a friend tells you about this amazing yoga instructor and you go try out her class. Without even realizing it, you were influenced. If you share a good experience, you are the influencer. The difference is, in Arbonne you are compensated for doing what you would do naturally. We use pure, safe, beneficial, top of the line products and get great results. When you genuinely fall in love with these products and program, you feel and look so much better and you want to share it with everyone. We share our authentic journeys and our results. If you haven’t seen some of the amazing results, ask to see them. (Or show Before & After slide)

Why Arbonne? Why Now?

1. We have over 400 Consumable in-demand products, formulated with the best ingredients and that includes ultra-premium skin care and personal care. Consumable is huge because Every time someone purchases a product, we get paid and people are purchasing year after year. Certified vegan, gluten free, soy free, dairy free, non-GMO, no artificial ingredients

2. Teaching people to replace bad habits with good habits, replace products that add to our toxicity with ones who help us eliminate them & do not add to the toxic load our body is subject to, plus the fundamentals of a healthy life style and how to have a good, positive relationship with food. We hear it all the time, “I wish I would have done this sooner because this is the only thing that has worked for me.”

3. Viability of the almost trillion-dollar Health & Wellness industry—no matter who you are—baby boomers, millennials, people want to look and feel their best, no matter what age and they want to get results without jeopardizing their health and that’s what Arbonne has to offer.

4. Favorite reason—online virtual business: business of the future, no overhead, work from home, work from your laptop or phone on a beach from anywhere and it is priceless to be able to create an additional stream of income where you don’t have to leave your house. Everything is virtual—convenient, shop online—people say Amazon is so convenient, Arbonne is so convenient too!

5. Business is model is right on trend. Decline in brick & mortar businesses, online shopping is soaring, entrepreneurship is soaring over 35% of Millennials have a side-gig.

Lastly, the question I always get asked, “How much money can I earn?”

You start as Lifestyle Ambassador/Consultant. There are only 4 levels of management, which are accomplished through building a team, helping other people succeed, which gives you leverage:

1. District Manager—1-3 months to get there $500-1500 a month—It’s something you can do on your own in 1-3 months and potentially be making up to 1500 a month—that alone can be a game changer—whether it pays for day care bills, groceries, extra spending money, travel money, money to invest, retirement, for a lot of people is huge.

2. Area Manager—$1500-4500 a month & at this level your income is willable and the level where most people see a lifestyle change and can even match your full-time job when you consider expenses that can be eliminated like daycare, parking, etc.

3. Regional VP—$5,000-15,000 a month which can be huge plus an $800 car allowance monthly for your choice of a white Mercedes Benz

4. NVP average income $22,000+ a month. A lot of people say, “No way!” If you’re consistent and committed anyone can reach this level with our System for Success—when you sign up with our team, we are here to show you what has worked for us. One of our leaders now makes monthly what she earned annually in her successful corporate sales career.

How much does it cost to get started? Crazy because if you’re going to sign up as a Consultant and get the nutrition kit it’s only $279 and you get your own website, you get Arbonne’s home office (manufacturing, production, packaging, shipping, all the headaches). People can order from your website, you are part of one of the most dynamic teams in the company and we get to mentor you & help you. This is a team effort, so you are not in this alone.

Guess what, you are going to use that nutrition kit no matter what and there’s a 45 day money back guarantee, so you honestly have nothing to lose.

If any of this was intriguing to you or you have any questions, that’s what we’re here for…just think about what your life could look like 6 months from now…how completely different it could look in a year from now… in 5 years from now!

For me, I had those common hesitations, I was nervous, I didn’t want to talk to people about what I was doing…afraid of doing something new. Think about where I would be if I didn’t have this opportunity. I would be...(share) I get to travel and be with my family. (share what you can do now as a result of Arbonne). Your life could be completely different if you did give this opportunity a chance. If you want to make a change in your life, you have to make a change. Definitely, reach back out to ______ or whoever invited you on this chat. I’m so happy you did jump on, thank you!

(End the recording and offer to stay on for anyone who has questions.)