AM National Newsletter

#24 | Week 2 | January 2016

One Week to MyLDS 2016!

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Have you registered for your preferred YouthSpeak Workshops and told us your preferences regarding knowledge needs so that we can best place you in the conference's sessions? You still have until today at 23:59 to fill in the Post-Registration Form! Just follow the button below!

SONA Q4 Launch

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It's here, it's here! The most comprehensive collection of data that assesses the state of AIESEC in Malaysia for Q4 of 2015 is here! Help your LC take informed and data-driven decision towards its future by consulting SONA today!

Operations Update

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Did you know that AIESEC in Malaysia was 3rd in the Asia-Pacific network in terms of oGCP Realizations? In total, we had 427 REs. In comparison, India, the 2nd place, had 433.

A 6 Realization gap that we have to break through in 2016!

The Stories behind the Numbers

Partnering with AIESEC in Myanmar

AIESEC in Myanmar is a young entity with big ambition. As part of Asia Pacific network, AIESEC in Malaysia wish to be the enabler for youths in Myanmar. This year, we matched two EPs from Myanmar to Malaysia. They will be hosted by UNMC and TU. Besides, MC Roarjak will provide specific training for them to bring back to for youths in Myanmar.

Aung Kyaw Kyaw will be with us in MyLDS 2016. Grab the chance to talk to them, and understand what youths in Myanmar is facing.

Say Hi to our EPs from Myanmar!

Updates from the MC Office

Out of Office

This week: Everyone in Office (Replanning, MC LEAD with Zenlinx)

Next week: Everyone out of office (MyLDS 2016 Pre-Meeting + MyLDS 2016)

What is the MC up to this week?

Hanne (MCP)

-> MC Coaching and MyLDS Preparation

Hui Yeen (FL)

-> Legal Management (Legislation, GMC) and Financial Model

John (Operations)

-> Myanmar EP Reception and MyLDS Preparation

Jane (oGCP)

-> EPRD Planning and MyLDS Preparation

Peter (iGTP)

-> Sutherland Meeting and MyLDS Preparation

Edward (iGCP)

-> National PBoX Planning and MyLDS Preparation

Sin Ting (oGTP)

-> oGTP 2016 Timeline Planning and MyLDS Preparation

Erik (S&S)

-> oGCP Ambassadors Send Off and MyLDS Preparation

Manu (OD)

-> SONA Q4 Report and MyLDS Agenda Management

Ana (TM)

-> TeMi and TC Webinar and PMS Re-Webinar

JT (Expansion)

-> EST & Task Force Booklet & Poster and MyLDS Preparation

Paul (MKT)

-> oGCP Ambassador Showcasing and MyLDS Preparation

Kenny (BD)

-> YouthSpeak Sales and MyLDS Preparation

Sarah (YS)
-> External Engagement and Workshop Allocation

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