Juror #11

Watch maker dude!

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Juror #11 the watch maker

European watchmaker.

This European immigrant turned naturalized citizen was one of the more calm and collected of the group as his contributions were less about anger and more about the words to back himself up. He was a very persuasive person after assessing the situation, speaking instead of yelling and thinking about what he is saying instead of just saying the first thing that comes to his mind.

The watchmaker made quite a few common bond by just being an american citizen and speaking of the great democracy that this country provides to its people. There was only one time that juror 11 actually got angry, he was quite calm and collected but he was passionate about everyone having the right to democracy and the ability to speak for themselves. Seeing that one of the other jurors was just throwing his vote away was the only time that juror 11 actually got mad and began to yell during the whole trial.

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