How The U.S. Prevents Tyranny

“The Most Reliable Government”, Said By Paul Ellison Himself

What You Should Know About The Constitution And How It Prevents Tyranny

This article is to give a description about the U.S. Constitution and how it prevents Tyranny to those who are unfamiliar with this situation. No one can copy, steal, or destroy this paper without the author's permission.

The aftermath of King George's disastrous impact on us

Cleaning up after King George

At a time in the past, the Americans were ruled by King George, during a time of tyranny, a period where people are harshly ruled by a King, and no one else can balance his powers. This was a devastating impact on the Americas. So, after making, and then throwing away the Articles Of Confederation, we decided to make a system where three branches have certain powers, which are almost revised, or check, by the other branch. This has worked out amazingly, and we have survived a very long time with this new Constitution. Also, with three branches, no branch (not the people, not the courts, and not the president) will ever become empowered. The president can veto laws, someone can impeach the president, and the president can not make any unreasonable laws.