The Jungle

By:George Garland

The jungle

I n the morning when I got on the bus everything has gone wild. Talking to each how they’re doing. I felt kind of nervous because people might make fun of me. While entering Central Cabarrus High School for the first time; it seemed like a nice school; then all of sudden BOOM!!! It was like a jungle. (It was loud and new species (new people) and old friend and etc.).

the adventures

Mrs. Meehan shows me where to go to which class The first person I saw was Jenna in science. I told her hi and we talk about our summer was. The teachers are like Owls that teach you stuff like math, reading, science, and social studies, etc.

The Owls(teachers)

fun things at school.

talking to friend

enjoying learning

be yourself

My friends

Next, was lunch. Lunch was a big source of all sources at school. All the people talk and talk and drama this and drama that .I felt scared at first than I became more of myself. I sat with my friends eating and talk about stuff. I ate a burger and fries and fruit even milk.