Technology Update

August 28, 2019

Access To Technology In Lockport; Why We Have Reason to be Proud

The Lockport City School District provides some of the best access to technology resources anywhere, while continuing its commitment to fiscal responsibility. In the Lockport City School District, we believe that a public education requires access and exposure to a variety of different technologies. Our electronic tools are more important to a quality education than ever before and we believe they are essential to becoming college and career ready.

In a recent survey of over 300 community members:

98% of our Lockport parents agree that technology is important to improving academic performance

96% of parent believe that the District’s use of funds for technology has been fiscally responsible

83% believe that technology can make our schools safer

98% believed that STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Math) project based learning is important in Lockport Schools

*Web Survey October 2018

Besides a dedicated school board and staff committed to service, here are some of the reasons why the Lockport City School District receives so much community support for its technology initiatives and why students in Lockport have access to some of the best technologies anywhere.

  • Lockport lead the way across the Nation years ago in 1:1 iPad implementation K-6, and proved that engaging students in the classroom with technology, can in fact result in higher State Assessment scores.

  • Lockport’s 1:1 iPad implementation actually saved the District money and continues to save money every year.

  • North Park has a 1:1 Chromebook initiative providing enough Chromebook’s so every student can use that technology throughout the day. North Park also has access to Apple and Windows computers/tablets and many STEM technologies.

  • Pre-kindergarten students have even been provided access to iPads and other technologies including interactive devices. For the past few years Lockport has been providing iPads and learning activities to families and students over the summer as they prepare for pre-kindergarten.

  • With the help of Senator Ort, Lockport provides a WiFi enabled Tech Mobile and summer reading program that goes out into the communities and offers learning activities on our students home turf.

  • Lockport has broadband internet access up to 10 GB to all buildings and 1 GB within buildings, and WiFi access throughout our campus that now extend to practice and playing fields.

  • Lockport High School has a world class robotics program thanks to the leadership in our learning technology department and now has access to many different platforms of technology, STEM tools, and new learning spaces for collaborative cross curricular learning experiences with some of the most remarkable technology available in schools today.

  • Lockport has even used technology to help keep students safe including the Raptor Visitor Management system, PA systems, lockdown technology and panic buttons, and has installed the Aegis Object and Facial Recognition system, capable of providing the fastest response to an active shooter situation possible.

  • Lockport has also already appointed a Data Privacy and Security officer in anticipation of the new privacy laws that are coming. Cyber security and data privacy is becoming a serious issue for schools to combat as they are increasingly becoming targets of ransomeware and cyber attacks that unfortunately threaten the safety of our community.

  • Lockports STEM initiatives offer access K-12 to STEM tools such as 3D printing, electronics, robots, programming and engineering tools. A few years back, 4th grade students even built a 3D prosthetic hand for a classmate.

For more information about the Lockport City School District:

Robert LiPuma, Ph.D., Director of Technology, Data Security and Communications

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