Different Approaches Kitchen Safety

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Staying in the kitchen posts risks to everyone in the household. Several hazards may involve burns, cuts and potential fires.

It is essential to know proper heating and operating cooking equipment to know how to extinguish a grease fire. Following steps to safeguard the young children from heating and cooking appliances can stop fires, injuries and loss of life.

Thorough cleaning

Ovens and stove tops should be cleaned safely and thoroughly. Residue grease and food may cause fire. Pot handles must be turned inward and away from the stove’s edge. Avoid wearing long, loose sleeves that can be flammable while cooking.

Flammable fabrics like towels, dish rags or curtains can easily be ignited by simply being used near a gas or electric range. Vapors from cement, gasoline, fluids or other flammable liquids can be ignited by the pilot of the kitchen range.

Presence of children

Children left unsupervised in the kitchen are not a good idea. Close monitoring of children in the kitchen is very essential. As a child moves around and becomes curious about his surroundings, appropriate supervision is a must. All hot items must be kept at a distance from the child employing high chairs, child safety gates, playpens, etc.

A safe zone must be built for children. Eliminate table cloths and place-mats when toddlers are around. These little children like tugging and pulling anything that they reach. Pots and pans should not be given to them.


When the grease fire occurs in a pan’sor stove’s top, carefully cover the pan with a lid or larger pan. Using water to stop the fire is not an option.
If the fire is still visible in the cabinets or the wood work after such an experience, call the fire department for an emergency.


Avoid overloading electrical circuits. Appliances not in use must be unplugged. Defective appliances must be repaired or replaced.


Misuse of microwave ovens increases causing burn problems. Burn affecting the hands is the most common type. Most people do not fully understand how the microwave oven heats food.

Following instructions

Understanding fully the following instructions is a major preventive measure to avoid getting burns. For children, ensure they are taught how to use the microwave properly.

Preventive measures

Presence of metal must be checked when ‘reheating’ fast food items. Check for the presence of metal when reheating some ‘fast food’ items. Foil, staples in bags, twist-ties may become very hot and ignite combustible containers.

Children who are allowed to use the microwave oven should be able to reach the oven especially when safely getting items from the oven. Facial burn is one common risk among children when using microwave ovens.

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