Leprechaun Trap

Your Going to Fall For It.

My Materials:

  • Inclined Plane ( Ladder)
  • Box ( Medium )
  • Sticks for Ladder
  • Green paper
  • Paper sign ( 1 )
  • Gold Coins for path
  • Cotton Balls

How my Trap works:

First you climb the ladder, then you see a gold path. The sign says GOLD HERE which points to a pot of gold. When you walk through there is a hole covered with a small piece of paper and gold coins. If you walk on it you will go right through and fall on cotton balls.


I used green construction paper to cover the shoebox. Then i cut a hole in the middle with scissors. After that i glued the cotton balls in the box. Then I glued sticks for the ladder. I made a path from streamers and coins out of paper. Also I made the pot out of a Keurig cup. Finally i glued extra touches.