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April 2022

"We may encounter many defeats, but we must not be defeated." -Maya Angelou

Apple Virtual Conferences: April 14 - April 28

The Apple Professional Learning Team is excited to continue their impactful lineup of virtual conferences to support leaders and educators in April at NO COST!! They offer many learning opportunities through Virtual Conferences and one-on-one opportunities through personalized coaching and mentoring.

APL Virtual Conferences
• The virtual conferences are designed to be hands-on as you explore resources, practice new skills, and reflect on ways Apple technology can support great learning and teaching.
• All sessions are offered twice daily, Tuesday through Thursday and after school hours, to meet the demands of educators.
• Participants can opt in to receive a verification of attendance for each session. LCS will grant CEU credit.
• To learn more and register, visit

One-on-One Coaching with Apple Education Experts
Leaders, Educators and IT are invited to schedule a personalize one-to-one or small group coaching session with an Apple Professional Learning Specialist. These personalized sessions offer all educators an opportunity to learn new skills and ask questions about Apple technology in the context of leading, learning and teaching and specifically related to supporting their district and/or school.
• Visit to schedule a 30 minute, no cost, personalized coaching session.

Britannica School

"We Inspire Curiosity & the Joy of Learning"

NCDPI is providing Britannica School as a free resource for educators, students, and families. It can be accessed from NCEDCLOUD - look for the icon on the IAM dashboard.

Think of Britannica School as a digital textbook...with articles, videos, resources, and interactive content....all available for FREE! You can link these resources directly to a teacher website, a Canvas course or share through Remind and Class Dojo.

Visit the IAM dashboard to explore this resource and all that it has to offer educators!

Clips tips: Getting started with Clips (iPad tutorial 2020)

Creativity for Every Class

This is our 3rd installment of a 4 part series we have been sharing in our monthly newsletters. This month the focus is on VIDEO CREATION!

To further develop your students' creativity and strengthen their problem solving skills, try allowing students to use Apple's "Clips" to create their own videos. To help you get started, we have curated some great lessons for you below.

As we focus on video as a basic principle of design, consider how the advancements in social media, websites, and TV insure video is everywhere we turn! Videos harness the power of many art forms that influence and inspire us all. The lessons below teach students how to create their own videos and share their passions. We encourage you to take a look at the activities below and give one a try!

Elementary Lesson

Slow Motion

Why it matters: Learning how to capture moments in video will strengthen students' story telling skills.

Tips for recording video

  • Think visually - instead of describing it...SHOW it.
  • Record for a little longer than you need. You can always trim a clip!

Integration Ideas

  • ELA: Use slow motion to show off skills learned in PE. Shoot the action from different angles and describe the process with words.
  • MATH: Compare the capacity of objects. Record the process of filling the container in slow motion and compare what you notice.
  • SOCIAL STUDIES: Spin a world globe as fast as you can and record in slow motion. Trim your video so that it ends with the globe showing your country.
  • SCIENCE: Choose a force to record. Use slo-mo to record the object as it moves. Describe what do you notice that you didn't notice at normal speed.
  • ENCORE: Think of the steps you take in an everyday routine. Make a video of the process and explain the sequence.

Middle School Lesson

Silent Movies

Why it matters: Knowing the different types of shots enhances student video literacy and helps them become more effective.

Tips for recording video

  • Think visually - instead of describing it...SHOW it.
  • Record for a little longer than you need. You can always trim a clip!

Integration Ideas

  • ELA: Use creative thinking and vocabulary to write a story with 6 words. Tell the story by using unique camera shots. Add Live Titles in Clips for impact.
  • MATH: Demonstrate knowledge of a math solution by creating a silent video. Illustrate the problem by using filters and text.
  • SOCIAL STUDIES: Communicate news through a silent movie. Create the reel in the style of the early days of silent films. Use a variety of shots and add music for effect.
  • SCIENCE: Analyze seasonal changes by capturing a shot in the same location once a week. Add the shots to a Clips project and trim the clips to view changes over the season.
  • ENCORE: Create a video advertisement for an app in the style of a silent movie. Use minimal text to explain the purpose of the app. Add background music for create drama.

High School Lesson


Why it matters: Students improve their speaking skills by using a teleprompter when performing on camera.

Tips for recording video

  • Think visually - instead of describing it...SHOW it.
  • Record for a little longer than you need. You can always trim a clip!

Integration Ideas

  • ELA: Share tips about parts of speech by creating a video tutorial. Write a short fictional piece incorporating the tips, and record the process with Camera.
  • MATH: Create a math concepts tutorial using video. Chose a math concept that occurs in everyday life and explain the problem using clips.
  • SOCIAL STUDIES: Research a local news story, and produce a video tutorial about the topic. Share the video with others to create public awareness.
  • SCIENCE: Explain a scientific concept with animations in Keynote. Export the presentation in movie format, and add it to a Clips project. Create a tutorial that explains the principle to others.
  • ENCORE: Demonstrate how to preform an action with video in the style of a cooking show. Use props and combine it with other videos in Clips to create a cookbook.

Did you know educators are also lead learners?

This year the LCS i3 Team and the Innovation Coach have created and offered approximately 50 professional learning sessions on a variety of topics ranging from personalized learning to creativity in every classroom and even on virtual & augmented reality!!

Next year will bring an even greater variety of topics and an increase in the number of learning opportunities. This will ensure that, like our students, Every Teacher Succeeds!

Hoping everyone has a wonderful and restful Spring Break!