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What’s new, and what you need to know in April ... from TxCAN!

The content we have in store for you in April is no joke! This month, we are introducing our Document Library where you’ll find a number of tools and resources ready to download. We will also dive into our spotlight course: Teaching Literacy to Students with Significant Cognitive Disabilities.

TxCAN Document Library

TX CAN provides easy access to a variety of downloadable tools and resources created to assist you in working with students with the most complex access needs. Easily find the content you are looking for in the Document Library by filtering by topic or alignment with a TX CAN course. Access implementation plan samples, templates, fidelity checklists, rubrics, and more.

This Month's Featured Course from TxCAN

Teaching Literacy to Students with Significant Cognitive Disabilities is a facilitated course that provides educators with strategies for teaching literary skills as they plan, implement, and reflect on activities using their case study student. An instructor provides feedback on your assignments, guiding you through each module. The course offers 18 hours of CPE credit.

IEP Decisions: The Critical Role of the SpEd Teacher

4/7/2022 1 - 4 PM Reg 17 ESC - So B

There is a strong expectation that ARD committees tie IEP decisions to hard data concerning student performance and needs. Teachers are the best-equipped professionals to provide this data! This training will focus on the legal obligation regarding gathering objective information, and practical tips on reporting that input to the ARD committee. We will also address topics related to roles, responsibilities, and participation at the ARD meeting to help you and your district come to legally sound, and defensible decisions.

Working as Team Players in ARD Process: What Parents Need to Know about SpEd Law
4/7/2022 6 - 8 PM Reg 17 ESC - South B, Zoom

Are you new to the Special Education and ARD process? Do you still have questions about what you need to know before going to an ARD? On February 26th, Region 14 will host its annual meeting for parents of students who receive special education services. Attorney Eric Rodriguez and Region 14’s Special Education Director Lisa White will provide you with legal and practical information and resources that will help you feel more comfortable as you navigate the ARD process.


  • May 11 - Building Authentic Academic Responses So C

  • June 16 - Serve Students w/ BVI, All Instr. Settings Rogers
  • June 22 - Complex Needs Instr. Planning Lecture Hall
  • June 28-29 - Ready Bodies Learning Minds Abilene
  • June 30 - STAAR Alt 2: Before, During, & After Neely
  • July 7 - We CAN Communicate So Conf B
  • July 13 - Must-Haves of Every CAN Class So Conf C
  • July 25 - Make Literacy More Accessible! Neely

TxCAN - Grow your knowledge base with our video library and STAAR Alt 2 online course!

The Texas Complex Access Network, TxCAN, is creating a new paradigm of acceptance and potential for students with significant cognitive disabilities.

TxCAN’s video library is rapidly growing as videos continue to be added for families, educators, and administrators. Current offerings include the “Straight Talk” family series and “Excerpts from the Expert” series featuring Dr. Cheryl Jorgensen, an expert on inclusion for students with significant cognitive disabilities. Administrators won’t want to miss the administrator series that focuses on effective practices and offers suggestions for supporting educators working with students with complex access needs.

Stay on top of state alternate assessment changes with TxCAN’s STAAR Alternate 2: Before, During, and After the Assessment online course. The training provides guidance for teachers in preparing students for the test, test administration, and using test results to inform future instruction. You'll get an overview, history, and details of the test while also gaining access to tools and resources.

The TxCAN network is here to support you and the students in your life. Visit txcan.tea.texas.gov to check out all the amazing resources, or contact me, your regional TxCAN representative!
TxCAN Grant Manager - Lottie Tomko ltomko@esc3.net 361-573-0731
Region 17 ESC TxCAN Rep. - Deanne Goen deannegoen@esc17.net 806-281-5712


Click HERE for a flyer on Behavior Intervention PD from PAX!

Region 17 CAN Resources web page to find vetted CAN resources!

Texas Complex Access Network (TxCAN) - statewide leadership website with evidence-based resources for those serving students with complex accessneeds

Technical Assistance from TEA: IEP Development - Technical assistance to local education agencies and parents

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3. Instructional Materials & Tools

During this rapidly changing season of COVID-19 quarantine, one learns along the way what one needs. That is the new normal! We just don't know what we don't know... until opportunity arises.

Should you realize during this journey that specific instructional materials or tools are needed for distance instruction, please email me to begin the conversation. If you know specifically what you need, include the product name, a link where the product is available for purchase, and your intended use for the product.

I am able to order products for supporting you, as budget allows.


TEA addresses service delivery options for students of all ages.

Click here - Recent TEA Guidance - then click on "Most Recent TEA COVID-19 and Special Education Q&A" near the top of the web page.

A new document will open with TEA Q&A that addresses service delivery options and many other topics. I suggest that you bookmark the Recent TEA Guidance web page to always access the most current TEA Q&A document each time it is needed.

Region 17 ESC provides no additional service delivery information.

Please contact your Special Education Director for district-specific directives if you have concerns or questions about service delivery during this time of quarantine.

Remote Learning Guidance from TEA, FAQ for Supporting Students with Complex Needs was finalized on April 9, 2020. Click here.


2 steps to a virtual meeting with Deanne:
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  2. watch for & accept a Zoom meeting invitation

Call or email Deanne any time for support.

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