Happy New Year!

Welcome Back to School!!

Hello 2016!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Winter Break!! Mine was fabulous! It was really nice to get back into the swing of things today and see all of the kids though! Next Friday marks the end of the 2nd grading period, which is hard to believe!! We will be reviewing all of the things we learned before break so that we'll be ready for MAP testing on January 25-26th.

2nd Semester Dates to Remember: (This will be updated as things come up, I'm at home and my calendar is at school!)


4-Back to School!

14-ISE Read-A-Thon Kick-Off!!

18-No School MLK day

19-No School Teacher-Work Day


15-No School


15-JA Biztown!!! (I will be recruiting at least 20 volunteers for the day, so please keep this in mind!!)

25-Spring Break begins!

March 25-April 3 is Spring Break


27-29- Camp Pilgrim Hills!!


30- No School, Memorial Day


1-TENTATIVE DATE of 5th Grade Promotion Ceremony

2- Last Day of School


As we begin the year, I have noticed we're almost out of tissue boxes and glue sticks! Any donations would be appreciated! :)

Also, as we begin "Indoor Recess" season, if you would like to donate any board or card games, that would be great! We are lacking in that department as of now. Thank you!

Reading News (Ms. Pifer's reading class)

This quarter has focused on Informational Text. We have learned about text features, text structures, author's purpose, cause/effect, fact/opinion, and main Idea and details so far. We are going to discuss making inferences and summarizing in the next couple of weeks as well. Students are continuing their work in book clubs, as well as independent reading. Today, we started a book by Gary Paulsen, Lawn Boy, which is sort of a kick-off to our next topic in Social Studies....Economics! (that will begin 3rd quarter) Lawn Boy is used as a review of all reading concepts we have learned about this year!


1)Greek and Latin homework due Friday and quiz on Friday!

2)January Reading Log and Theme Project due January 29th!

I'm hoping for 100% of the students turning in their homework! Thank you!

Social Studies News!

We finished up learning about the Maya and the Aztec civilizations. I hope you got to see the Mayan Folder project and the Aztec Codex project your child did at school! This week we will briefly discuss the Inca civilization. Next week there will be a short assessment on these 3 civilizations. (more info to follow)

3rd Grading Period will focus on Economics! We will be doing our Classroom Economy Project, which is very fun and exciting! More info to come in a couple of weeks! Then we will begin our JA Biztown prep work in preparation for an exciting day of working a job at Biztown! I will soon be recruiting at least 20 parent volunteers to join us that day at JA Biztown! PLEASE keep this date, March 15, in mind! I will be sending out the website link where you can sign up! THANK YOU!! We could not do Biztown without you!

Indian Springs Read-A-Thon!!

Please look for the Read-A-Thon Packet with all of the details to come home with your child this week!