Matthew Hodges

A bit about me

Basic Info

God, family, school, girlfriend, soccer, friends. This is a basic list of how my life is on a scale of greatest to least importance. Probably not ordinary for a typical teenager but that's okay, i don't mind being sort of a goody two shoes. The future is one thing that I most definitely put a lot of thought into. I plan on attending college and getting a masters degree in architecture. A few years after graduating i hope to get married, become a missionary, and move overseas where I can help build houses in areas of extreme poverty. Now money is obviously going to be an issue stepping into a six year college payment, so hopefully a scholarship through soccer will help minimize that just a little bit. Soccer is a big part of my life and is what i spend most of my free time doing if i am not spending time with my girlfriend or hanging out with my guy friends.

detaled Info

I am from a family of six, which I love dearly. I have three sibling, one younger brother, one older brother, and one older sister. My sister is married and has two kids, while my older brother is also no longer living at home but is living with two roommates in a house in Kansas City. My family has always been very supportive about the things that I do and we are all very interactive in each others lives. Though I did not list this earlier, music is something that i am strongly passionate about. I've played piano since the age of 8 and listen to music as often as I get the chance. I am open minded to nearly all types of music and can appreciate most artists, especial artists that make an effort to be unique. Well, there you have it, there isn't a whole lot to me. I have lots of plans for the future and many relationships that mean the world to me. I'm passionate about some thing, and pretty mellow about everything else.