Southern Colonies

Colonization of the New World


  • Georgia was originally meant to serve the purpose of housing prisoners in 1733
  • the major native American tribes consisted of Chickasaw, Cherokee, and Choctaw
  • The population wasn't large, approximately a dozen people.
  • Georgia had a major port in Savanah.
  • Most of Georgia was Anglican
  • Georgia was a proprietary colony

south Carolina

  • The main Religion of South Carolina was Anglican
  • Their main cash crops were indigo and tobacco
  • south carolina was a royal colony
  • Established 1729
  • Between 24,000 and 25,000 people, more than one third of the population was slaves
  • South Carolina had the largest slave population in the south

North Carolina

  • Mainly from the quaker religion
  • "Cash crop" was in the naval stores for ship building materials
  • North Carolina was a royal colony
  • Founded in 1729
  • Roughly about 21,000 people


  • Settled in 1607
  • Approximately 114,000 people
  • Mainly Anglican beliefs
  • First a corporate charter, then a royal colony
  • Tobacco main cash crop
  • Bad relationship with Powhatan Indians


  • Founded in 1632 by Lord Baltimore
  • population of 66,100
  • Proprietary colony
  • Tobacco is the cash crop
  • Accepting with religion as long as you believe in Jesus