Ancient Indian Paintings!

Made By: Meredith C, Emma A, and Anna E.

Background Information:)

The Gupta Empire is famous for its beautiful paintings. For noble families, painting was important part of life. Popular subjects included deities and other religious topics. Some paintings highlighted the wealth and luxury of noble life. The painting were often done on long scrolls.

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Ajanta Cave Murals

The Ajanta cave murals are the greatest ancient Indian paintings. The murals cover the walls of 30 caves that make up an ancient Buddhist monastery in central India. They use rich, bright colors. The artists made the paints from clay and minerals.

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Padmapani is a cave painting that is in Cave 1. In the painting, his tan body, darkened only by his curly hair which is delicate and elegant. He is adorned with pearls, amethyst, and other Indian jewelry. On his head he has a crown, which at some point was most likely colored in extreme detail, but over time has faded.