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4th Quarter Newsletter

The final stretch for TNReady is here, and I wanted to provide you with a few online options when reviewing. While the TNReady assessment is now paper/pencil, there are several online tools besides MICA that will provide live data to help you plan your review lessons. If you find something you would like to try, let me know. I will help you create your assessment and implement it in your classroom. Please don't hesitate to ask. I am here to help you!

Google Forms

Google Forms is a powerful tool for teachers, and while it may seem very simple at first, it is loaded with options and features for teachers. It will allow teachers to create multiple choice, multiple answer, and short answer questions. You can also add images and videos to the question. All information is tabulated on a spreadsheet and can be automatically graded. Forms will generate graphs based on the answers and give you a quick idea of where your students are based on the topic. No student login required.


Fun, highly competitive, game-based learning platform that will allow you to create multiple choice questions for a fun and easy review. No student login required.


QuizSocket lets you run a quiz in a class room in real-time. You are asking the questions either verbally, on the board or on slides, and QuizSocket collects the answers from the students. It is a great and easy way to get instant feedback. No student login required.


FlipQuiz™ provides educators with a quick way to create quiz boards(Jeopardy style) for test review games in the classroom. Boards can be created that will be saved in your account for future use. Come back next week, next month, or two years from now and you'll still have access to all your own boards! No student login required.


Quizizz is an easy to make multiplayer review game. All the students need is your quiz code and they are ready to review. The questions move at the student's pace, so everyone can work at their level and speed. When the quiz is over, the data is ready for you to analyze. No grading necessary. No student login required.


Socrative empowers you to engage and assess your students as learning happens. Through the use of real-time questioning, result aggregation, and visualization, you have instant insight into levels of understanding so you can use class time to better collaborate and grow as a community of learners. No student login required.