How to get the job you want

Before you even introduce yourself, you have to be different

Why someone else has got your job

You need a job.
You go online.
You find an ad.
You apply.

So almost does everyone else.

But most of the jobs available aren't even online.
So someone has to lose.

The job you want was found a long time ago by someone who did things a little differently.
Its time to think differently.

Most available jobs are simply not publicised in the normal channels

So you have to do something different to find them

Unleash the power of your network
  • Everyone you know if a potential lead - tell them what you are looking for.

Get to know someone useful

  • Find someone who has the job you want and learn from them.

Pick up the phone, even when there is no job ad

  • Recruiters are desperate to find someone who differentiates. Don't be another CV in a pile. Call before the pile even gets there.

Be creative

  • There are thousands of ways to show your value to a potential employee. Think out of the box to show your real value.