Amana Fifth Grade Newsletter Update

Friday, November 20, 2015

Classroom News

In library, the fifth grade classes worked to create an illustrated book containing research they conducted on various animals. The fifth graders then recorded the research they gathered. Click the links below to hear your child's amazing research!

Ms. Hess's Class:

Mrs. Baxter's Class:

In math, we extended our understanding of volume moving beyond counting cubic units. Students are now learning about formulas. Ask your child about V = l x w x h!

In literacy, we read folktales from various cultures including The Hobyahs and A Story, A Story. We discovered that authors use personification to heighten the sense of magic and to help drive the thematic elements of the story.

Learning Goals this Week


I can calculate volume using multiplication and dimensions such as length, width, and height.


I can infer theme in folktales.

I can make predictions, confirming and revising as I read.

I can identify personification and explain why it is used.


I know the 7 continents, 5 oceans as well as the difference between latitude and longitude and several landforms.


I can edit and revise my own and others work.

Important Dates


11-25 to 11-29 No School Thanksgiving break

Monday 12/1 - Holiday Craft Workshop Form due!

Wednesday 12/2 - Visit the Tannenbaum Forest in Amana

Saturday 12/5 - Holiday Craft Workshop (1:30 - 3:00 pm for 4th/5th grade)

Tuesday 12/8 - Family Holiday Party 6 - 8pm in the gym (see the sign-up genius link below!)

Reminder: All Band students should bring instruments every Tuesday and Friday.