START K-12 Intensive Training

Module 7: Transition Planning for Students with Autism

We did it! Year One of START K-12 Intensive Training has Concluded!

We wish to thank you for your Administrative support throughout the year. Sending one or more teams to a training as time-consuming as this is not an easy undertaking. Your commitment has afforded your team(s) an opportunity to learn about evidence-based practices for students with Autism and how to implement these practices with fidelity in the classroom. You now have in-district staff with increased knowledge of best practices and strategies they can share with colleagues to build capacity. Kudos!

At this module...

Teams learned about effective strategies for grade to grade transitions along with building to building transitions. Teams also celebrated the progress and learning that has occurred during this school year. Each team created awards for their team members, including parents who attended. Teams also celebrated the positive impact they are having in their respective districts from sharing the multiple resources and strategies offered to them during the training.

A strong transition involves the following:

  • Realization that the individual student is the focal point
  • Common language across classrooms and buildings
  • Unified philosophies across classrooms and buildings
  • Parental Involvement
  • Administrative Support
  • Utilization of the START Transition Checklist... a catalyst for meaningful communication between teams

START K-12 Intensive Training Year Two Dates

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