Play is the foundation of how Young children learn.

Review Week

Lesson Goals for this week

This week we are continuing our Math Readiness skills and Language development skills which consist of:

  • Shapes recognition. Our Shape for the week is the "Cone". Shapes will be traced, colored and pasted during different learning activities along with different learning games.
  • Number recognition. Counting to 1-30. Our number for the week is numbers we will study is numbers 1-10, with the focus on master fine motor skills of tracing our number "10".
  • We will continue to trace lines and shapes.
  • Color recognition of our primary colors. Our color for the week will be ". Student will be ask to pick out these colors from objects around the class room.
  • Language development skills consist of the class learning their alphabets and words. This week our letter focus will be the letter"Bb".
  • each child will trace the letter "B". Other exercises that will be practiced coloring and pasting the Letter "B".
  • Opposites Skills. Our position words for the Week will be "over and under". Here the children will learn the difference between "over and under". We will do observations and hands on activities. I am incorporation some flash cards to help the children get another perspective on their opposites.
  • Arts and Crafts
BIBLE VERSE FOR THE WEEK: Psalms 23:1 " The Lord is my Shepherd"