Benjamin Spock

by Brittany Andrus

An Inspirational Child Delevoper

Any parents who hug and kiss their children, showing their love and encouraging their children to express their individuality, have Dr. Spock to thank.

Personal Background

  • Came from a strict family
  • Educated in private schools when young
  • Member of the rowing team for the Olympics in 1924
  • Began Medical school at Yale in 1925, but transferred to Columbia University in 1927

FACS Career

Child Development: Cared for children and helped adult raise them better.
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Training Received

  • Psychiatry (medicine to focus the mind for specialized children)
  • Political activist

Personal Traits

  • Cares for children and wants adults to raise them better
  • Become political in fear of a nuclear bomb

Secrets to his Success

  • Finds the right words to inspire everyone to care for their babies
  • Works on physical side of a child to care it better