DCT Update

New Services Category Launched in IREM

Waterproofing, Coatings, and Restoration Services

Yup, you heard it... DCT is a GOLD Friend of IREM, and we are under a new specialized category in IREM (Institute of Real Estate Management) offering more than just the usual contractor. Within our company, we have a Trade Division, with more than 30 years of knowledge and experience, managed by Brent Schofield, the San Diego renowned "waterproofing guy." With this Specialized Division of Services, we are able to bid projects for both new construction and remedial work. Don't get us wrong though, we are NOT the emergency fire, water, damage control company. We want to be your go-to company when in need, but we are not the "on-call" oh my god/emergency team. Brent and his team can handle any situation within the realm of these services, after the "emergency" or hopefully before the emergency situation ever arises! DCT offers a very extensive level of knowledge; we fix the problems right the first time; and we always guarantee unvarying quality each and every time...

DCT, Diversified Construction Technologies, Inc.

So that's our Company in a nutshell! Got some questions?

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Nicole Bolla, Marketing Director, Nicole@dct-sd.com