Academic Newsletter

October Edition

Book Reporting

Fourth grade has been reviewing the different elements of a story, and identifying them in the books that they are reading in class. These two ambitious students pictured, have already turned in their story element, mystery-themed book reports that aren't due until the end of the month!

At the Center of it All

Several of our teachers in the elementary grades have begun implementing center-based learning as part of their weekly math and language arts instruction. This method of teaching gets the students up and out of their seats, and learning as they move from center to center around the classroom. This approach allows for students to receive material--some new, some review--in smaller doses. It also provides the students opportunities for both guided and independent practice. Most importantly, these centers address the audio, visual, and kinesthetic learners that we have here at Saint Timothy School.

The Best is Yet to Come

With most of our benchmark testing behind us, our teachers have a reliable foundation of data to build upon. Now is the time for them to show you just how committed they are to excellence, and to an individualized approach to education; you won't be disappointed. For more information on Scantron testing, be sure to check out this week's Tuesday Tidbits because it's a real good bet, the best is yet come.