My Outlook On Media Literacy

Reed Sowders

media can make or break someone

The media, reminds me of networks such as, twitter or instagram. I believe the universe revolves around social media now a days. Celebritys like Steph Curry or Brad Pitt defiantly come in to mind when in think of social media. Social networking can get very dramatic and has the ability to take small situations and blow it completly out of proportion. One can post a status or tweet and it can go viral within less than 30 seconds. The media is a powerful thing that people often take advantage of.

When i think of medic literacy, i would typically think of language arts. Literacy ties along with reading and writing. I believe its how one understands something about how something works and is interpreted. For example, financial literacy is based upon how you manage your own money, which there are classes in High School that educate students on it for the future. Mainly, i believe that it is knowledge in a specific area.

I think media literacy are things such as news articles, books, magazines, and youtube. Any of these can inform us about anything that we would be interested in learning about. We view things that we are interested in learning about every single day and that is Media Literacy. For example, i love updating myself about college football. In my free time, I'm most likely on some social network or article reading about football.

Social media and Technonolgy moving forward

Intentionally the internet was used to look up things, gather information, and buy things. Leading up to today it has been used for many different things and social media is a huge part in today’s internet use. Social network sights such as Facebook, twitter, and Instagram plays a huge role of most human lives and how we act. Someone can see something and it can change someone for the better or worse. It gives people entertainment and also people communicate over them. Social networking use has grown in the past years and will continue to grow. Many parents will not let their kids use social network due to the risk of it, such as being bullied over the internet, also can have access to sexual things, and many more reasons. Kids and adults have committed suicide due to social media. It’s not a good thing to have, it’s very addictive and that’s why most people have it. I think social media can both help you and hurt you. It can help you get a job, for instance a place that you are trying to get a job at can look you up on social media and see that you are a good fit for the job. Also it can make your chances of getting a job less likely, if they see you say bad things or do bad things on social media they are most likely not going to want you. No one wants an employee that does bad things and is not responsible .In 10 years technology will be at a point we could’ve never imagined. We are just at the beginning of changes of technology, it will be crazy. I think robots will make anything and everything which will make people extremely lazier. Cars will drive themselves People will not have to do anything in cars, which is a good thing the amount of accidents will go down tremendously. Flying cars will have made an appearance in some sort of way. My final paper was over terrorism and how social media affects it, I think terrorism will be way worse due to the advances of technology and advances in our social media.

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Doritos commercial

In Doritos commercial “Crash the super bowl finalist ultrasound” Doritos, a huge chip selling company establishes that Doritos are so good that they can make a baby come out of the womb by putting the Dorito to the girl’s pregnant stomach and teasing the baby inside. Doritos does this by continually putting the Dorito on the stomach and not knowing what can happen when it’s something as good as Doritos. Using the Dorito to make the baby bounce back and forth in order to show that they are that good. When the Dorito is thrown on the floor the baby pops out in order to get it. Doritos audience is everyone I think because they are showing how good they are and encouraging people to buy them. They prove it’s so good by making the baby pop out with just a Dorito.

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Today’s society is just what george owel predicted; a nation of proles for the most part. The quote "they were born, they grew up in gutters, they went to work at 12, they passed through a brief blossoming period of beauty and sexual desire, they were married at twenty, they were middle-aged at age 30, they died. for the most part at 60. Heavy physical work, the care of home and children, petty quarrels with neighbors, films football, beer and aboveall, gambling filled up the horizon of their minds. to keep them in control was not difficult" relates very much to society today for the majority of people living today not much is different. People don’t even care about the government these days and that is a major problem why our government is getting weaker and weaker. No one corrects the world around us anymore, propaganda is affecting them. Most humans can’t even think for themselves anymore. This generation is being affected heavily by the media the internet is the main factor with social media at its peak most people in our generation use social media and that affects them in so many ways. Children and toddlers will pick up a iPhone or ipad before they pick up a book to read it and that's a major problem that is continuing to grow that will not only affect their ability to learn but as well as their outlook on life. Social control through media and culture will always be a problem for every government. Sports has more followers then the government does sports causes us to not think about bigger things that matter it controls us. Reality T.V causes us to focus on drama that is usually fake rather than something that really matters, the amount of people getting drawn in is increasing and increasing everyday. This is why older people from generations before say "I worry about your generation" because we are a whole bunch of proles that are not educated the way we should be. We are not taught how we should be, we aren't even forced to think anymore. This world is becoming a scarier place to live in bye the day. technology is getting better and better and makes you think that we should be more educated with more technology but instead we are not, we use it for the wrong reasons most of the time. So basically todays society Is made up of peoples attention gravitating towards real life issues and events such as the presidential election or the flint Michigan water crisis, they have become selfish and are interested more on what new instagram picture there going to post or what time their show or game comes on. This is how the social media is a major problem because it distracts what's really important. We need to stop being proles and become more interested in real life things.

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Turners rebelion

Slavery has always been a major issue in the United States. It is not as bad as it was in the old days, you rarely hear about slavery now days. Slavery rebellions would include armed up rise by slaves. They would occur in every society that practiced slavery. Slave holders feared this event very much because they never knew what was going to happen. This event would be very dangerous when it would occur.

Nat turner’s revolt was one of the biggest and most known rebellions, this took play in august, 1831 in Southampton county Virginia. Nat turner was a slave preacher that inspired many slaves with his prophetic visions, Nat visioned white black angels fighting in heaven. One day he gathered his seven original worshipers and launched his rebellion. They entered his owner’s house and took his life and the family’s life. The only person whom he did not kill was a small infant. Nat was tired of being a slave, and tired of getting bossed around by people just as equal as him.

They were not done they moved from one slave owners house to another. He killed all white slave owners who they could find, when they kept going other slaves joined with them to rebel. They were killing any white slave owners they could find. Many of these slave owners were beheaded and their heads were left on the road to warn other people. The owners of other slaves tightened their grip on their slaves. Then they moved to the town of Jerusalem with the intentions of destroying the town and killing all. On the way to the town they were stopped by an heavily armed white militia. The governor was trying to put a stop to this uprising so he ordered militia men to do that.

When the slaves were stopped they scattered all over the place from the woods to swamps. The militia caught them and killed every single one of them except for Nat turner. Turner was hiding in the woods for two months and then eventually they caught him. When he was captured he was tried and convicted. They ended up hanging his body, turner’s body was skinned. Fifty four other men were killed by the state. The black population up rose as this happen and killed random white men and put their heads on stakes. As the fear spread across the population white mobs turned on blacks that were not involved. It was so out of control the governor of Virginia tightened all restrictions on black people. Nat Turners rebellion caused anywhere from 55 to 65 deaths, which was the highest number of deaths caused by any slave uprising in American south.

This connects to 1984 just like Winston’s rebellion against the party. The Big brother fueled this rebellion also the thought police played a role. Rebellions happed a pretty good bit back in the day, more than they do today. There has been some today, Like the riots about cops shooting or killing black people when the shouldn’t have and the black people rioting.

Org, Pbs .. "Nat Turners Rebellion." PBS. PBS, Mar.-Apr. 2003. Web. 18 Apr. 2016.

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Sometimes by losing a battle you find a new way to win the war”

Donald trump said this quote at one of his speeches, when he first started running for president. What he is saying here is failure is the path to success. Success takes time, you can’t just hop right in and win. Through the process of failure you will learn how to succeed. Basically you have to fail forward. In order to know anything about this topic you will have to have failed before. I know much about this topic because I have failed at the same I thing I have succeeded at. I completely agree with this quote, I have always known this.

“The Whole World is on fire”

Ted Cruz stated this quote on March 15, 2015 shortly before announcing his was going to run for president. Cruz is saying that our world is going downhill and we are toast because of Obama’s policies. Cruz doesn’t agree with what Obama is doing in office and believes that he is the cause for some of America’s biggest problems. He has not done much ever since he has been in office. In order to know anything about this quote you have to know what Obamas policies are and why they are not good. I agree with this quote, I personally believe that Obama is not good for this country and hasn’t done very much.

“We must stop thinking of the individual and start thinking about what is best for society.”

This is a quote from Hillary Clinton at one of her speeches, when she first started running. She is saying that we need to stop being selfish and start thinking about everyone else. Hillary thinks that that’s one of the major problems in the world today. I agree with this quote completely. Everyone in our world is too selfish and that’s one of the reasons we have major problems in our society.

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Media can make or break someone

This Language arts class has changed my view in this world completely. In the very beginning of the class I was a major prole and never thought that would change. I didn’t think of the media as deep as I do today, I never thought it was a big role in everybody’s daily life’s. I learned that the media can change someone to a whole different person. In this course I have learned how to be a better writer. The smores and précis we did really helped but they sure were annoying. It helped me expand my thought and dig deeper. Also I learned how to use my sources correctly to make my writing better. I learned about real world problems every day by watching the CNN news, that was really interesting, made me realize how thankful I am to be living in the area we do live in cause in some other places they do not get the things we do and the privileges we have. This course has been very different than any other language arts course I have taken in my life. Usually we don’t really focus on real world problems but in this class we have a lot. That’s why I have enjoyed this language arts course more than any other I have taken. We actually had real discussions, I loved doing the Socratic seminars even though I didn’t talk much I liked listening to others opinions on real issues. The only problem I had with this class was that I felt like it went very slow in other words we moved kind of slow and I felt like that affected me in a way. Other than that I feel like you and ms davis did a well job. Thank you for teaching me everything I have learned

Affects of social media

The media is can either make or break someone. It will always usually have a negative effect on one. This message is absolutely right it can cause us to be disconnected with the world in so many ways possible. I don’t think there is much we can do to change this besides take it away or put out the message that it is so bad to be hooked to social media. Some will change but most wont. This addiction is something we cannot control I don’t think. When someone gets hooked to something it’s usually very hard to get them off. If the addiction is not controlled it will just become worse and worse as the days go by. You will not benefit one bit from being addicted to social media, it is a drug and is very addictive. So many bad things come from being addicted to social media it’s not even funny. It can cause stress as well, switching from one task to another so constantly say you’re at work and you have work to do but you want to be on social media and you going back and forth can cause your brain to be overwhelmed. Also it can cause you to have lack of communication skills because you can be in so into the media that you zone everything else out. Media can also have a positive effect on you if you use it for the right things and don’t get addicted to it. There is a lot of accurate information on social media you just have to make sure it is one hundred percent accurate. You can use the information you gain and use it elsewhere. You just being on social media doesn’t mean you’re a slave to it, make sure you never become a slave to it, it will hurt.